Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality is an integral part of Hitesh Metal Business Principles. The quality policy guides us to deliver products and services that exceed the customers' expectations and meet all the standards. These principles have helped us to get the recognition as a trusted vendor from customers around the world. Hitesh Metal Products are trusted and chosen by customers all over the world. This trust is based upon our quality image and our reputation for consistently delivering high-quality products.

We have stringent mandatory quality standards in place against which compliance is verified through regular audits and self-assessments and third-party inspections. These standards ensure we manufacture and supply products that are of excellent quality and conform to the relevant industry and regulatory standards in the countries in which we operate.

Depending on the intended application and technical delivery conditions or customer's specifications, a variety of specific tests can be carried out to ensure that highest quality standards are maintained. The works have been equipped with reliable testing and measuring equipment for destructive and non-destructive testing.

All tests are carried out by trained quality personnel in compliance with the guidelines of the Quality Assurance system. The documented 'Quality Assurance Manual' establishes the practice concerning these guidelines.


All the material used for Manufacturing of fittings and other fabrication jobs are tested for chemical & mechanical properties. The Results are confirmed to meet original material requirement before processing. We are using measuring equipments calibrated by Govt. approved calibration Agencies.


All type of Flanges and fittings are checked for dimensional accuracy from raw material stage to in process & final product delivery by using calibrated measuring instruments.

Quality is not what happens when what you do matches your intentions. It is what happens when what you do matches your customers’ expectations.